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Corexpo provides solutions aimed at creating engaging event environments for expositions, trade shows, conferences, and corporate and special events.  By servicing events of all sizes nationwide, we have established a unique process of providing organizers and their exhibitors with a personalized service focused on their event’s needs.  We have developed our Commit 360 process to ensure all clients receive an unmatched level of quality, service, creativity, and commitment in an effort to create memorable experiences.  This dedication has enabled us to produce award-winning events in a competitive market.



Commit 360            COMMIT | INSPIRE | ENGAGE | EXCEL

To ensure each and every client experiences the highest level of engagement and satisfaction from our service team, we have adopted our Commit 360 initiative.  This program is expressed throughout our organization and reinforces the CORE Values we hold as an institution.  Commit 360 is a service based accountability program in which we strive to ensure every event reaches its maximum potential.  Through the process of committing, inspiring, engaging, and achieving excellence, we look to our team of experienced and enthusiastic individuals to uphold our commitment to ourselves as well as our clients to provide a level of service aimed at Exceeding Expectations.

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